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Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Rock

Canadian rock/reggae singer Yuya is a dynamic new voice from the land of the lyricists. From his early days as writer / frontman for Joe College and The Rulers, to becoming the lead singer for Canadian Courage, Yuya Joseph’s powerful tunes express the emotions of the rebellious lover, the do-right man in an unjust world. Known more within the music industry than to music fans at large, Yuya feels his new digital distribution deal with Blue Pie Productions (based in Sydney, Australia) will change all that. It already has !!!

“ I have always felt that my music is international in character, and working with the Blue Pie team is an ideal way to help my songs find the global audience they are best suited for,” opined an optimistic Yuya.

Growing up near Toronto, Yuya was influenced by everyone from Neil Young to Rush, and from Leonard Cohen to his 3 biggest musical mentors: Dylan, Lennon and Marley.

With his new CD entitled Give U Everything offering an array of post-punk (a la Joe Strummer / The Clash, eg. Out In The Moonlight, written by DOA singer Joey Keithley) and modern rock (such as the Bowie-ish What Went Wrong, What Went Right) tunes that are bristling with energy, the disc is rounded out nicely by the spiritually inspired reggae tracks like Nyabinghi and Ganjah Wise.

Give U Everything by Yuya is a hot new release available by download, and it is a perfect musical party platter for the 21st Century. Download some songs by Yuya today: your soul will thank you for it!!!

If you have time you can also see Yuya on the Hurricane Healing project site at www.hurricanehealing.us or visit the Blue Pie Artist Blog at www.bluepieartists.blogspot.com

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Listen to a previewYuya
Ganjah Wise
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Listen to a previewYuya
Give U Everything
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The Sun Will Rise Again
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How Shall We Thank Thee
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