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Listen to a previewThe Floors
Tree Song
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Listen to a previewThe Floors
Drunk Guy
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Listen to a previewThe Floors
Goodbye Hello
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Listen to a previewThe Floors
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Listen to a previewThe Floors
Tribute To Disco
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The Floors

Label: Rage Eight

Artists Genre: Indie

The Floors are 4 boys from Australia, who are capturing their audiences not only only their brilliant musicianship and songs but because the girls love em!
Each has an attitude and style individual to themselves and to the band, which is best described as UK influenced post punk/blues/rock.
Their latest release " The Floors" features five great catchy tunes not unlike the vibe that first came from The Beatles back when they started out. As a matter of fact you would be forgiven for saying that perhaps they reminded you of a younger, more modern version of the Fab Four themselves.


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