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Taking Off With You
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Listen to a previewRob McCulloch
Planet Of My Own
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Rob McCulloch

Artists Genre: Indie

Manchester has for a long time been a honey pot of musical talent but more recently the nearby town of Bolton has had its own success with the likes of Vernon Kay, Peter Kay and Sara Cox. 19-year old singer-songwriter Rob McCulloch is set to add his name to this list of top talent.

With a loyal fan base in his hometown and the North West of England, Rob is now ready to release his dazzling debut album Thoughts Alone. His first indie release, Rob took advice on the album's original incarnation from experts at In the City and SXSW, where the CD received great praise and actually reached the final of The JukeBox Jury.

Thoughts Alone, Rob's current album boasts 10 tracks, all penned and laid down in the last 18 months, with most soon to be remastered before full release early 2005. As it stands the album is a sterling introduction to Rob's captivating lyrics and voice. A huge fan of Paul Weller, The Stone Roses and Tim Burgess, Rob filters all these influences into his songs, combining precision and passion in equal measures.

''Rob is climbing up the industry ladder very quickly and it won't be long before he reaches the top. Be sure to get an up close and personal taste of him now before he kicks the ladder to the floor '', Kaleidscope Promotions

'Captivating lyrics and lasting melodies are in abundance on this album, you could pick any lyric and listen to any melody at random and instantly recognise that even out of the context of the song, both would stand up on their own. Perhaps the profound lyrics on Planet Of My Own are the best demonstration of this. They're profound but not pretentious, they're deep but universal and above all, they're performed in a truthful manner that leaves a lasting print on the album.' ['Wait and See'] Daydreamer Music Reviews

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