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bondi chill

Artists Genre: Dance

“Bondi Chill”, Rick.e.dee’s debut release, is best described as blissed-out Beach Bar grooves, hypnotic beats, mysterious World Music sounds and that hauntingly beautiful Bulgarian flute. The album has been enthusiastically received by industry and the public alike – check out the comments on My Space.

Rick Drummond (aka rick.e.dee) is a pianist, guitarist, singer, drummer, composer and producer of fine Chill Out music. He grew up on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Learning classical piano and violin from the age of 5, his diverse musical taste in the first instance came from his classically trained parents who played piano, cello and also jazz clarinet.

Moving to Sydney to study Architecture and a number of years working in that field, guitar and drums were added to his musical skills. Apart from the occasional foray into live bands as guitarist or drummer (including the Undercover Police) rick.e.dee’s interest lay mainly in composing and learning as much musical theory as possible.

Ever since as a child he first heard the Sarod player, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, rick.e.dee has always loved “World Music”. His travels took him through Asia and the Middle East and his music reflects the sounds of the exciting and fascinating urban and rural landscapes he found there.

Add to this a natural sense of justice and astute political awareness, you have a musician & composer with a conscience, determined to work for change.

His restless creativity and rebellious nature continually urge him to push the musical envelope. Rick.e.dee is an illustrious, energetic multi-media artist and his debut album, Bondi Chill, is dynamic, entertaining and has touched music lovers worldwide garnering high praise from many critics.

Rickedee’s debut solo Bondi Chill is a child of the surf and party vibe of Bondi. Bondi Chill – the true heart of Bondi Beach, Australia. You get gorgeous sunshine, white sand and the ocean. The eternal beauty of a perfect wave. The drama and tranquility of surfing. The cool cafes and bars…

You could stop right there – and miss the real Bondi!

Bondi Chill takes you to a community of myriad nations, their languages, culture, politics and, yes, music, always and again the music. It lets you listen to the famous African Drums of the Pavilion. It invites you to watch Brazilians doing Capoeira and join the South American Festival. You’ll meet a Polish poet and Australian Indigenous activists, then become entranced by the otherworldly sounds of a flute in the Sufi tradition. You will find love stories and stories that tell of the love for freedom, in so many places, by so many people, unified by the cool beats of summer. The feel of Bondi Chill is Buddha Bar meets Hotel Costes meets Thievery Corporation with a hint of Kruder & Dorfmeister and more than a dash of World Music.

Currently working on follow up tracks leading to the planned release early next year of “Bondi Chill 02”, rick.e.dee has invited a number of Australia’s foremost World Music Artists to contribute material and performances. This will further extend the musical boundaries to encompass more of a live, World Music dynamic and thereby enhance the tapestry of emotion and sensuality that is exhibited by the current Bondi Chill release…. and expect some great live gigs next year.

Meanwhile, Bondi Chill is now available on iTunes & many other digital outlets

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