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Artists Genre: Heavy Metal

Rapier is the product of the inspiration and influences of a group of friends from Witham in Essex with a shared ambition to create their own brand of metal…
With their preferred style of aggressive high-energy music taking a back seat in the area, the band have made it their mission to revive this style in their own songs, and spread the love of all things heavy!

Fusing furious guitar riffs inspired by various thrash bands with some pummeling rhythms and more modern influences, the band feel that they are well on track towards carving out their own musical niche.

With the release of Rapier’s first Ep – “The Unpure” – the band feel ready to expand their audience and bring their music to the wider area, and look forward to sharing the stage with other local bands with a similar passion for intense live performances.

In their local area the band received a bloodthirsty response to their opening headline performance, and sold out all the freshly printed demo CDs. The local reception has been very positive, and the band now want to test their music in front of crowds across the region.

There are no limits to the evolution of the band’s style, and with their dedication towards putting on a great show they hope to become a force to be reckoned with on the live circuit and beyond.

Note: the band's first Ep is out now and is available through any band member. The official website is also well on its way to completition, so watch this space!

Top tracks from this artist:
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The Entity
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Die Dying
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The Unpure
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