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Phaze II Entertainment

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Sarah Boutwell Pop

Contact details for Phaze II Entertainment:

Phaze II Entertainment
PO Box 5458

United States

w www.phaze2music.com
e rlambert@phaze2music.com

Based in Southern California, Phaze II Entertainment is and independent music production / artist management / record label . Headed by Rodney E. Lambert (CEO) and partner Richard R. Anderson (COO), Phaze II has the musical and managerial guidance to take this company and it's artists to the next level.
Rodney is the vision and driving force behind Phaze II Entertainment, His uncanny musical ear and brilliant business savvy is truly a gift. "there are times when this man will say, do it like this and at first you are like what?, but then you hear the final product and you say...okay, now I see, that was tight" says Sarah Boutwell an artist on the label.
"His understanding of music and how things are put together is nothing less that pure magic" state Rodney Lambert. "I can't begin to tell you how important this man is to our operation". Richard Anderson blends street smarts with cooperate sense and brings a complete package normally not seen in the music industry.

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