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Listen to a previewOwumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi
Her Man
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Listen to a previewOwumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi
Take Me
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Listen to a previewOwumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi
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Listen to a previewOwumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi
My Woman
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Owumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Urban

Owumi Pedru AKA EYEOWUMI OMA PEDRU,started writing and singing at the age of 15, after being inspired by some of his mates who were entertaining students during break and asking for anyone who could write and sing to join the group. Inspired and challenged, Owumi quickly scribbled his first lines ,sang and became the second lead singer of the group. After a standing ovation performance with his sister at their local church he was sure of his talent as a singer and joined other singing groups later at the university were he performed in various gospel concerts.

Owumi’s music style developed from listening to Soul, Pop and RnB which he blends with Nigerian local music styles such as highlife and afro which he sings in Pidgin English, English and other Nigerian dialects using soulful vocals to create his own unique form of afro music.

As Owumi says: " Singing and song writing for me,is expressing life in it's entirety. From physical beauty to spiritually deep and abstract things,which are shown in our emotions of love ,hurt anger, hatred,lust,anxiety,beliefs,descisions and so much more. It is a vehicle i use i to drive my understanding of life and give others a piece of me.

As an African and Nigerian, I want my people and the world experience life and music that exposes them to the changing ways of our music as a result of fussion with other cultures. This guides my song writing and singing in pidgin and english,and other local dialects,with emphasis on fussing both traditional and moden instrument and style of play when possible. My current and first work(My Introduction),has grown purely out of creativity,and the need to blend the western influences with Nigerian style of music around me to produce a more contemporary form. "

Owumi is a Blue Pie artist and is available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. For more information you can visit www.bluepie.com.au

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