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Organized Music Inc

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Kaos Stylez Urban
J. Signature Urban

Contact details for Organized Music Inc:

w http://www.myspace.com/organizedmusicinc
e organized.music@gmail.com

It all started with a dream and a love for music!!! Two street kids from the grimey streets of Brooklyn who had a dream to make music!!! Tired of what all that brainwashing shit that they saw on t.v. and hear on the radio!!! Feeling like hiphop was lacking some tight beats and good lyrics to restore the good name of hiphop!!! Well she is here to make it happen!!! And they are Organized Music....

And their story begins....

It all started with Kaos in third grade, when her teacher introduced her into writing, saying she had a natural born talent for storytelling!!! Logic, it all started when he was in fifth grade rapping in the classroom, lunchroom and gym!!! Kaos began one of the top writers in every school she was in and Logic was the unbeatable emcee in his school!!! Kaos met Logic in the lunchroon of Franklin K. Lane High School, he was battling so she joined in!!! And Logic like her style of rapping so they teammed up and starting rapping together!!! Then this cat named E-money joined the group and they began "Three the Hard Way." This three kids who rap on street corners, school hallways and lunchroom. They would pull in big crowds to hear them rap. But Kaos left Franklin K. Lane High School and went to different school!!! Logic, E-money and Kaos always kept in touch!!! They still rapped together until tradegy hit!!! Their best friend E-money was shot and kill!!! And Three the Hard Way had broken up!!! Then Kaos met this guy named "Kenny Jones" who shared the love and passion for music that I did and he taught me how to make beats!! And he saw Kaos was getting good and he had an idea to start a band but couldn't find the right people to help out!!! But Kaos didn't want to be in a band!!! Logic got interested and want to learn how to make beats so Kaos taught him how to make beats!!! Kaos and Logic did their own solo projects, Kaos with "The Golden Child Productions" and Logic with "Too Hot Records" but both projects didn't get the talented youngsters the exposure they wanted!!! So In 2005, Kaos met this cat named "Beloveit Williams" and they starting rapping together!!! Seperately they were lyrical monsters but together they were trouble!!! So they started this rap group named "Brooklyn Be Killers." But He wasn't serious about being a rapper so Kaos left that plan alone!!! But Kaos kept doing my solo thang!! Logic met his cat from school named, "DJ Spadez" and those did the production thang. In 2007, Logic came to Kaos with this idea to start our label and put out own music!!! So we started "Organized Music Inc.!!!" And in 2007, Organized Music Inc. got plans to do it up big!!! So stay tuned folks.....

Stay Organized
Organized Music Inc.

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