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Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Mauro Picotto Dance
Andy Whitby Dance
Nick Lunn & YOMC pres Tecno-Punk Dance
Cracked Logic Dance
BK Dance

Contact details for Nukleuz:

Media Records
1 Pepys Court, 84-86 The Chase
Clapham Common
United Kingdom

w www.nukleuz.com
e info@nukleuz.co.uk

Nukleuz Records is the UK’s number one dance label based on 12” sales and has been for the past 3 years! This is a great achievement for an independent company in an industry seemingly dominated by 5 major record companies

Nukleuz is an imprint of the legendary Media Records group who have offices throughout Europe and who have been making records since 1987. Media Records was set up in the UK in 1992 by Peter Pritchard as an outlet for the now classic Italian House produced by the group’s founder Gianfranco Bortolotti and his team working under guises such as Cappella, 49ers and RAF.

Nukleuz was set up in 1997 by Peter to cater for the new school of dance coming from Italy and combined with new raw talent from the UK the label’s profile shot through the roof.

Other imprints from Media Records Ltd include BXR UK, Beautiful Records, Frantic & UMM (Underground Music Movement). UMM has seen massive success in recent months with the smash dirty house record Tom Neville’s ‘Just F*ck’ and the follow up Yer Man ‘Good Grief (F*ck You)’. Both receiving massive amounts of radio as well as club support. Look out for the forthcoming Mohito ft Howard Jones ‘Slip Away’ (Steve Angello & The Young Punx)

Nukleuz also runs a DJ Agency which has strong connections with hard dance promoters Frantic. The ‘Nukleuz DJ’s’ include: Andy Whitby, BK, Cally & Juice, Caroline Banx, Guffy
Ilogik, Lisa Pin-Up, Rob Tissera & Steve Hill (UK)! More new talent is due to be added in the near future!

If you’re good enough you can make tunes and get them released on Nukleuz. The recent albums have all had artists on them that no one ever knew about 6 months ago as well as artists that have been around for years. We pride ourselves on finding new talent. This is why we have currently signed 2 up and coming DJ’s to the Agency and have released the Hard Beat Presents The Next Generation EP series that showcases the best material from the biggest up and coming producers.

Nukleuz merchandise is available through the website www.nukleuz.com and at any of the Nukleuz or Frantic events.

Join the Nukleuz cybermail via the website www.nukleuz.com to get upfront info on forthcoming releases, events and news as well as the opportunity to enter competitions to win some fantastic prizes. Also please feel free to offer your feedback via this service.

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