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MP3 Cutting Tutorial

This tutorial uses a program called Mega MP3 splitter. It is a very simple and easy to use program to cut your MP3’s to create a preview for your track. First of all, download it from: http://www.snapfiles.com/download/dlmegamp3split.html

Make sure you know where you’re saving it too, when it’s downloaded, open zip file, and extract the “Mega MP3splitter” program to a location of your choice. When done, run the file to start the program.

  1. When the program opens, hit the Open Mp3 File button at the top right:

  2. Then browse to the file and hit open. This will load it into the program.

  3. You probably already have an idea of what part of your song you want to use as your preview. So to begin with, play your track by hitting the play button (that would be the triangle on its side – duh!) Skip through if you want; until you find the spot where you want your preview to start. When there hit the breakpoint button (the pair of scissors). You may have missed it first time around, you can drag the bar back and go again.

  4. Next you need to set the end of the preview. Listen on until your happy you have found where you want to end the track, and hit the breakpoint again, this should be no more than 30 seconds on.

  5. Now, you can see thee breakpoints, in the breakpoint list on the left. Remove the 0 (as this is the beginning of the song) by clicking on it and going to Delete.

  6. Now you should be left with two breakpoints (signified by the two numbers in the breakpoint list). If so, hit the Save As button, browse to where you want to save the preview mp3 you have just created and hit the Save button.

  7. And its as simple as that! Your 30 second preview will now be where you saved it, have a listen, if your happy with it, upload it to Stayaround, if not, delete the file and try again!

    Don’t forget to check out the other tutorials and for more information about stayaround mp3 requirements.

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