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Listen to a previewMARK J STEVENS
IBIZA SUNRISE'(Live Acoustic)
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Listen to a previewMARK J STEVENS
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Artists Genre: Pop


Artist description: Singer/Songwriter and Lead Guitarist....
Music Style: Modern Pop with 60's/80's Values
Musical Influences: Prince, Seal, George Michael, Michael Jackson and Sting.
Similar Artists: Seal, George Michael and John Mayer.

Mark has played to sell out shows in the UK, SPAIN, GERMANY and SWEDEN, He is currently Unsigned but recently signed a Publishing Deal. For more info and music check out: www.markjstevens07.com
Email: info@markjstevens07.com

Albums: 'SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL'(Live) (Available on line) AND 'UNTIL...EP.'

Great Work…Really original sounding material. Well done Orchestration Production, Instrumentation and overall Musicianship. Mark has an emotion to his vocals that is very rare. He delivers this material very smoothly and confidently. We have found this material to be well written both musically as well as lyrically. In our opinion it would be easily marketed to the right audience of music industry professionals…Very Marketable.
T.Buburuz. I.M.G. International Marketing Group U.S.A.

“His virtual web presence is Unstoppable”. Stevens’s tracks on access pop, “Ibiza Sunrise” and “Sleep” have generated interests both with publishers and labels for both in the UK and the GSA we are very optimistic about this great artist success….ACCESS APPROVED.

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