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Lord of Ajasa

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Urban


The Nigerian Hip Hop scene is rapidly evolving and one of the new bright stars is the Lagos rhymesayer known as Lord of Ajasa.

The Lord of Ajasa brings an interesting dimension to the rap game with his kamikaze flow and compelling use of Yoruba street lingo. Some may argue that these qualities are not enough to set him apart from Nigeria's army of jobbing rappers considering the fact that his themes are not a radical departure from the debauchery that characterizes today's rap music. But those with keen ears will readily agree that this Akure, Ondo State bred rapper has given us some of the wittiest and most laconic lines ever delivered in Yoruba language.

Born Olusegun Osaniyi, Lord of Ajasa's interest in Hip Hop started in the early 90's when he began to pay attention to rappers like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Ice-T, KRS-One and NWA. Like most young rappers, he first started mimicking joints by these MCs before he started writing and delivering his own rhymes. As time progressed, he saw the need to develop his own style, one that he would not only be comfortable with, but would also appeal to a greater number of Hip Hop enthusiasts who couldn't really decipher and appreciate the lyrics of their favourite American rap stars or their counterfeit Nigerian counterparts. He started delivering his rhymes in Yoruba with a sprinkling of English and Pidgin, and focused on themes that portrayed the numerous frolics of street-smart Yoruba youngsters in contemporary Lagos. His chosen moniker, Ajasa is a Yoruba word for flavour.

Lord of Ajasa has just released his debut album, a 12 track set titled, "It's tooooo much" Produced by Ajasa and his collaborative partner, Idowu Olumide a.k.a ID Cabasa.

The Lord of Ajass is one of the hot new stars from MGN Productions. He hails from Nigeria and has been entertaining since he was a child. He is out now on Blue Pie Productions for the world and is available at all leading digital retailers.


Real Name: Olusegun Gbadura Osaniyi
Stage Name: Lord of Ajasa
Family Background: Family of five I am the forth born I’m from Ondo State and a native of Ikare - Akoko
Which year did you start: I started professionally in the year 2000

The best indigenous rapper for the year 2000
Afro-Hip-Hop Awards organized shrine Nigeria.
Best creative for year 2005. ‘‘Gbedu Awards’’

Relaxation mood: Write, watch movies, playing music.

Thoughts for the world:
Be yourself, believe in yourself, in anything you do
Be persistant and don’t give up on your dreams.

Thank You very much for appreciating my music.

Lord Ajassa

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Listen to a previewLord of Ajasa
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