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Artists Genre: Indie

Rob Lead vocals,
Dean Percussion Guitar
Kev Lead guitar, Jaws Harp, Harmonica
Aki Bass, Backing Vocals

Rooted in the South Wales Valleys and hailing from the small Welsh town of Blackwood, Lear are a dynamic four piece. Formed in June 2000, this soulful quartet spent the remainder of that year jamming, rehearsing and developing a set that soon had people talking. The band are at their best playing live. Once the boys started gigging and word got around, their fan-base just grew. So much so that they managed to get the highest ever attendance at the Barfly London on one steaming summer's night in 2001!

Rob fronts the band with his seductive vocal talents and quick wit. At the back is Dean, he keeps himself to himself off stage but whilst there he makes his presence known, whilst his younger brother Kevís expertise on lead guitar is conclusive alongside his vocal talents! Finally thereís Aki, the bandís Hungarian import, whose vocals justly compliment the bandís overall sound. He has a massive stage presence and his talent as a bassist cannot be denied.

Realising that their gift will take them far, Learís innate melodic sensibility coupled with their intensely personal songs make them well equipped for the universal market. The band regularly visits the studio and have produced five EP's and a ĎBest Ofí album.

Honours include winning the Welsh final of the National Music Show's 'Undiscovered Originals' at Londonís Wembley Arena followed by a storming gig at The Verge in Camden. Lear headlined one of the BBC Radio One 'Soundcity' gigs and recently played for Radio 1 again in Manchester. They have been featured on BBC Radio One Wales as well as local commercial radio. Not wanting to miss out on the small screen Lear have also appeared on BBC One Wales and MTV.

Some of the best gigs Lear have enjoyed have been supporting fellow musicians including Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Dodgy and Bernard Butler. Gigs in of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and London have earned the boys recognition countrywide.

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Spread Your Love Around
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Jackie And Julie
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