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Label: Kult Records

Artists Genre: Dance


True lover of House Music have been familiar with the name Jovonn for some time now. Back in 1991, the dance scene was rocked by “TURN and Runway” on Warner Bros. records; which was only Jovonn’s second release. Inspired by the work of Strafe, whose infamous “Set it off” featured keyboards by Jovonn, helped shape his future career. He went on to produce such hits as “Love so special” by Ceybil Jeffries, which he also sang background vocals; “Step into my life” by Valarie Johnston,”Flutes”, “Be Free”, and countless others. “Satisfied”, released by Kult Records was the beginning of a string of underground hits on the Kult imprint. The follow up to the great "Satisfied", entitled “Better Love”, featured a newly discovered vocalist, Kristine, was a Sound Factory Bar stomper as well as the third KULT Jovon penned anthem by Tanisha entitled " I am a lover". A native of Brooklyn, New York; Jovonn, who is 32 years old, has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. Originally, a hip hop DJ, Jovonn spun records at block parties, birthday celebrations and other various social events; which shaped his musically appreciation. He brought his first stereo at age 14, and was introduced to house music by hanging out in such Brooklyn clubs as Sapphires, Club Saturn, and Club Serene. In his later years, Manhattan clubs such as the Loft, the Choice, and Snobbusters, solidified his commitment to dance music. Jovonn’s creative mind is always conjuring up new material all the time. Just as a dancer practices has moves during everyday tacks; Jovonn's hands can be seen playing an imaginary keyboard where ever he goes. Most of the time, he carries with him a micro-recorder to lay down ideas that arise daily. His basic work habits usually starts by putting down the chords first; then working on the drum tracks, and finally the bassline. Ultimately, filling the song with the necessary additional parts until it’s ready for the final mixdown. His studio is located in Brooklyn and consists of a full midi setup with an 8-track analog recorder which he uses for vocals only; for that tight, compressed sound. Jovonn feels that dance music is very mush like gospel because for a vocalist; you can feel free to express can be as creative as you want to be. Unlike most house music producers, Jovonn has an uncanny knack for finding an discovering new singers and songwriters. He usually finds them by hanging out in the clubs, or the streets; singing a popular song to themselves. Then after finding out whether they sing professionally, he sets up a session in the studio to see what comes out. Being a musician, songwriter, singer, and a producer; Jovonn has made some observations on the New York club scene presently. Due to lack of support the NY nightclub at large, not playing the wide variety of house music as they do aboard; it seems now that only progressive, even bordering techno sounding music is being played. Which laves out Deep house, Garage and vocal house music. This situation is further fueled by the lack of radio airplay which only features dance music mixshows at wee hours in the morning on the weekend . Jovonn hopes that with supportive labels and gives them the visibility they deserve; demand for house will increase at home, and more venue will present a wider view of dance music in the future

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AFTERLIFE E.P. [I Am Waiting] [124bpm]
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Listen to a previewJovonn
Satisfied [Satisfied Mix] [124bpm]
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