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A Distant Sound
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All There Ever Is
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Waiting For Brad Pitt
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Sandra Bullock
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Men In Penguin Suits
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John Hanlon

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Acoustic

John Hanlon was born in Malaya in 1949 to Chinese-European parents. He was raised in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, before going to boarding school in Australia, and eventually settling in Auckland with his parents in the early sixties.

John is a self-taught guitarist and by the age of twenty, had developed an enormous collection of lyrics and tunes, which he wrote in many exercise books. One night in 1971 he opened his songbook and played some of his tunes to a few enthusiastic supporters at a party. Bruce Barton, of Mascot Studios, heard him and was impressed enough to record a large number of items from his songbook.

Bruce then took these songs and managed to get John a recording contract on the Family Label. He was teamed up with arranger and keyboard player, Mike Harvey. The first single was released in late 1972 called "Old Fashioned Music"/"Mickey Mouse House". This was closely followed in 1973 with his first album called "Floating".

In addition to being a creative director for agencies ranging from Mojo to McHarmon's, John has been a cartoonist, high decibel pop star, and songwriter. John is still a prolific composer, winning as many awards for songwriting as he has for advertising. Together with Paul Wilson, John started the forerunner to LOUD, Hanlon Wilson Weekes, in 1989.

The world is getting ready to embrace one of New Zealands and Australia's great musical exports. The songs are strong and heart felt. They have depth and meaning which is often overlooked with the pop market of today. John Hanlon continues to write and will have a serries of new releases over the next 24 months.

For more on John Hanlon and his music you can visit Blue Pie Productions at www.bluepie.com.au

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