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Jeff Bernstein feat. Al Wise

Label: Kult Records

Artists Genre: Dance

Jeffrey bernstein

Producer /Songwriter Jeffrey Bernstein (aka Burnz) has consistently shown the deepest respect for the intricacies of music which is why he has achieved notoriety in numerous genres. Whether it is Jazz, Dance, R+B, Pop, Hip-hop or Experimental, his approach to
production or remixing is rooted firmly in the future and in the classics. Jeff combines live instrumentation, synthesizers and studio alchemy in a way rarely heard in today's contemporary music. Perpetually seeking to fuse styles in a dynamic interplay his diversity
always seems to amaze the most seasoned pros and music lovers alike. As a contemporary producer, he has an uncanny ability to write, play and produce music in all styles while keeping an ear to the street for current and future trends.

Jeff has been playing guitar, bass, drums and keys since age 5. This can be directly attributed to his pedigree as the son of a music professor. His music credits include the who's who in popular music, film and television. From Jennifer Lopez to Janet Jackson,
Missy Elliot to Busta Rhymes, Cher to Shakira, Jamiroquai to Brian McKnight, Jerry Springer to Wide World of Sports, Timothy Dalton's "Time Share" Movie to "My Best Friend's Wedding." His awards include the prestigious and sought after "Abe Olman Award" from the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and numerous others.

It's funny but you'll never know where you will run into Jeff next and he wouldn't have it any other way. Producing in his studio - maybe. Jamming out monster jazz sets in the Village - quite possibly. Composing songs and material for top artists - absolutely. Remixing the next Top 10 single - you bet. Playing guitar, coaching a vocalist to optimize their performance, drumming naked on a beach in Maui.
Currently you can catch up to Jeff writing, producing and remixing full-time with his alter ego Freddy Bastone who together comprise the team of Bastone and Burnz. These two veterans of music have been pumping out some really earth-scorching music.

Top tracks from this artist:
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I Still Believe [JB Vocal Mix] [125bpm]
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