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Article: Getting your first gig

If you have tried or you are looking to book your band into the hottest club or venue in town, then the chances are you are not the only one trying for that highly desirable place or slot, after all most towns and cities have a vast amount of local resources such as recording facilities, music academyís, or incentives to get young talent into the music scene.

So where to begin, well your aim should be to beat out the competition in all you do, you will have to sacrifice a thing or two along the way, time most of all as the resource and effort that you need to put in is key.

The most important part is perseverance and persistence, with a cast amount of dedication.

What separates you from the rest of the pack?
Is it your music?
Maybe a crazy stage show?
Your Lyrics?
Natural Talent?

Perhaps itís all of these coupled with a crazy costume such as the lead singer of the Darkness, whateverÖ you really need to consider image in all you do.

Start with the basics, a band logo or colour that you work into all you do, think about the recent global chart successes of Muse, Coldplay, The Streets, Red Hot Chilliís..All have great brand on band image from simple merchandise through to website design and sleeve work, OK, so itís all going to cost, well think local.

How about getting local companies or agencies to sponsor you, think about supplying music to a local graphics company that they might be able use as a tool to promote there business, In return ask them to design your logoÖitís an approach that artists, labels and individuals have been using for years.

Donít forget if you are promoting yourself here at Stayaround, then lotís of new potential fans will be accessing your sounds, so get the image and look right and you can start to look as professional and accomplished as any band or musician on the planet.

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