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Carole Sylvan - Feeling Happy [ROBBIE RIVERA Filtered Dub] [127bpm]

Artist: Carole Sylvan
Title: Feeling Happy
Produced By: Filthy Rich
Style: Deep, Groovy filter style Soul dub
Remixer: Robbie Rivera

There's not too much to say about this record, except that's it fabulous. Deep and fabulous. If you don't have it, then you know what? You need it. This version is a little more up-tempo and a harder bass line and is one of Robbie Rivera first remixes.

Rene Hewitt The Newsletter NYC
Filthy Rich Presents Carole Sylvan "Feeling Happy" KULT Records

It was only a matter of time before these remixes got pressed. Too many jocks have been bugging Kult and now you'll know why. The remixes talent just oozes off this 12" and each mix is better than the last. Paying solid homage to Ms. Carole Sylvan, Johan Brunkvist's vocal mix is the fattest House sound on the whole record he lays down a deep track and fills it with a spooky midi cascade and a pushy, in-your face drum track. I bang this mix every night! Moving on, the work of Robbie Rivera fills the rest of the A side with a wonderful dub version that is perfect during prime time. Robbie's work has been everywhere lately and often his dubs are long-winded, repetitive and flat. But, as with any newcomer, it seems that his talent grows from project to project. This mix showcases his growth nicely with a hard yet melodious groove that keeps your interest all the way through. On the B side, there are sweet gems from Louie Balo and Cricco Castelli. Castelli's mix in particular shines brightly with a soul filled Garage sound. In all, this is an outstanding release for Kult and I hope their sales on this single reflect all the talent they put into the project.

DMA Dance Music Authority

Filthy Rich Presents Carole Sylvan "Feeling Happy" KULT Records

By popular demand, Kult releases the much-anticipated remixes for "Feeling Happy" featuring the powerhouse vocals of the divine Ms.Carole Sylvan, originally produced by Filthy Rich, the remixes kick off with Johan B's vocal reworking. B, offers up a delicious, keyboard-driven take on "Feeling Happy," that's heavy on lush melodies. Robbie Rivera's version gives the track a slightly harder, but no less melodious, edge. On the flip side, talented producer and star-in-the-making, Cricco Castelli reworks a Yukiyo Takabyashi remix that simpers with his signature jazzy vibes and hooky drum patterns, while retaining the Japanese producer's bright and breezy vibe and intricate instrumentation. Track B2 is a dubby affair courtesy of Louie "Balo" Guzman, fresh from the critical acclaim of his cut "E.Q." Guzman's dub is meaty, deep, with fat beat swearing back and forth through out the cut. And finally, Tobi One concludes the set of remixes with a kinetic speed garage-influenced cut that gives this Carole Sylvan cut a banging edge.

June Joseph (Billboard Mag/Paper Mag/BPM)

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 06:49
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