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Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Urban

Faze grew up in the ghetto streets of Africa where he started singing as a tender age. Music to him was a human affair because he grew up in a family where music is part of their everyday life. Faze started performing at nightclubs, street jams and soon gained the popularity of the African and Jamaican streets. Recently Faze recorded a track with Wyclef and naughty by nature and his single titled Faze alone was da bomb. He released another single angel Gabrielle which is in fact the sweetest song that can send emotional touch to your soul. Faze can best be described as a artiste of universal talent because he sings different kinds of music like dancehall reggae, rnb soul, hip-hop. Faze has performed on stage with different American artiste like 50 cent, Usher, Wyclef, Shaggy and Ginuwine and has toured different parts of the world and gained the global mark of excellence. Faze's new album is no doubt a compilation of various dance ditties, complemented with all kinds of improvisation available to the artiste, which further culminated in a cluster of rhythms, harmonies and bars which produce undoubtedly, soothing sound for the ears.

Opening with a very mellifluous tune which introduces the artiste, Faze Alone further lets out songs ranging from blend of calypso, through, rhythm and blues (R&B) to almost had funk as well as what can pass for dance-hall reggae.

A keen music buff will definitely conclude that Faze, in trying to exhibit his versatility, lounged into a display of immodesty as he sings in the title-track Faze Alone... I will make it alone."

This feeling is carried through most of the tunes in his medley to the extent that one's attention is riveted on his attempt to impress rather than impress his listener.

From the slow sentimental through mid-tempo to his up-tempo tunes, Faze has in his debut outing attracted the attention of music listeners and buyers alike through his impressive instrumentation and controlled vocal range.

Faze Alone is a collection of songs which stands the chance of winning more admiration as it is increasingly heard.

You can get Faze Alone out now on Blue Pie Productions for the world at all leading digital retailers.

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