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Eric A Bell

Artists Genre: Indie

Thanks very much for visiting my page. I hope that you enjoy its content.

All tacks are copyright 2003 Ancient Mariner Music (Independent) and were recorded at The Looney Bin studio. These compositions were produced with Logic Audio along with a variety of outboard gear. MIDI was not implemented to any significant degree, but VST instruments were used. Drum and percussion samples were derived from several sources too numerous to mention. All tracks were completed "live" with no overdubs whatsoever.

Acoustic guitar compositions include Sleeping Healer and Mike Like's, while the jazz influence was represented in Preoccupied. The penchant for electric guitar was expressed with both Reggae Mon and The Millenium Bard.

I truly thank my long time listeners, friends (past and present) and critics for their encouragement and inspiration. Please give a listen to the compositions and feel freee to let me know your opinions. I remain grateful for your input.

Top tracks from this artist:
Listen to a previewEric A Bell
Sleeping Healer
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Listen to a previewEric A Bell
The Millenium Bard
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Listen to a previewEric A Bell
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Listen to a previewEric A Bell
Mikes Likes
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Listen to a previewEric A Bell
Reggae Mon
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