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DYNAMIX feat. Tina Ann - Don't Want Another Man [Dynamix Nyc Mix][7:42][bmp 130]

Artist: DYNAMIX feat. Tina Ann
Title : Don't Want Another Man

Produced By: Eddie Cumana, Jeremy Skaller
Style: Hard NYC Anthem Crossover
Year: 2000

This is the first DYNAMIX massive hit produced by Eddie Cumana and Jeremy Skaller for DYNAMIX. Stompy drums on steroids and a nasty sythm carried this catchy tune all the way to mainstream radio. A huge Club and radio NYC hit.

Rene Hewitt Ė The Newsletter

Dynamix presents Tina Ann "Don't Want Another Man" Kult Records

Ever since Peter Rauhofer and Victor Calderone, who each provided wicked remixes, began heavily spotlighting this powerful diva-fueled Anthem in their dj sets months ago, punters have been patiently awaiting its release. Well, this Eddie Cumana/ Jeremy Skaller production is finally here with an additional remix by Italy's E.G.'s. Lets watch this one fly up the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, shall we?

M. Paoletta -Billboard Magazine

Dynamix Presents Tina Ann "Don't Want Another Man" Kult Records

one of the most sought after underground anthem of the last six months finally surfaces commercially. The DYNAMIX Club Mix of "Don't Want Another Man" has been in the hands of a few jocks across the country since early this year. Victor Calderone, junior Vasquez, and James Andersen were the first three jocks in the country to bang this from CD-R copies. Revelers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and South Florida have been getting a ear full but no one seemed to know the who or the what on this song. Phone calls to the most influential promoters and Label people did nothing more to confuse me. Nobody knew what the dirt was or simply didn't want to come clean, all I had left to show for my trouble was a CD-R copy bearing no artist and no title. Now the mystery is over, KULT records has commissioned some great remitters to go along with the Club mix everyone in the know has been banging. New mixes include the Roxy Anthem by Victor Calderone and a dominating remix by Peter Rauhofer. Both, along with 2 soulful interpretation by Italy's E.G. make this project a slam dunk for the upcoming fall season. By October every floor nationally will taste this sweet groove.****
Willy Vela

DMA Dance music Authority

Billboard Dance Music Summit- The Opening Party (Defmix opening Party)

The opening night Party featured a who's who of today's hottest artists and dj's. Singer Tina Ann of Starsixtynine-KULT Records act DYNAMIX whipped the crowed into a frenzy with the Act debut single "Don't Want another Man". {PHOTO}

Michael Paoletta -Billboard Magazine

Dynamix presents Tina Ann "Don't Want Another Man" Kult Records
Translation from French:
Number 2 on the Billboard Dance chart, hitting since two months the gay clubs dance floors of NY and Miami, ďDonít want another manĒ by Dynamix (Kult Records, US) is one of the best dance tracks of the late year 2000. Produced by Jeremy Skaller and Eddie Cumana (A boss of Kult), featuring Tina Ann, this songs incredibly melts together a mainstream refrain with addictive hard house, perfect for the big sound systems. 11 months ago, Dynamix gave three promo copies to Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone and James Andersen causing their immediate reaction : a powerful hit. Furthermore the track has been remixed by Peter Rauhofer (Grammy Winner for the best remixer 2000) and Victor Calderone. It keeps on making people scream at Twilo, Roxy and Groove jet. Soon At SCREAM and at ENFER !

ONLY FOR DJ's Mag. (France)

Dynamix presents Tina Ann "Don't Want Another Man" Kult Records

Domestic on KULT Records is "Don't Want Another Man" from Dynamix presents Tina Ann. Seven mixes pack this cd. Pure commercial radio house with a catchy synth rift on this release with mixes from Victor Calderone, Peter (Club 69) Rauhofer, and E.G. The Dynamix Radio and Club mixes are both tribal house, Calderone mixes it up a bit longer to 11:55 with some different keyboards, E.G. offers Mediterranean Club and Dub Mixes-some Latin influences, and Peter offers his Peter Doesn't Want Another Club Mix- is a copy of the original with a pulsey usual Club 69 beater.

Audio One web review

Dynamix presents Tina Ann "Don't Want Another Man" Kult Records

DYNAMIX presents TINA ANN Donít Want Another Man is written by A. Harkins, E. Cumana, and J. Skaller. Produced by Eddie Cumana and Jeremy Skaller. Vocals sung by TINA ANN. Donít Want Another Man came about when KULT RECORDS commissioned the producers to do a crossover dance mix of the original R&B down tempo demo. The unique collaboration between the producers gave birth to a production team that has a DJ thinking like a real songwriter and a songwriter thinking like a real DJ. This song quickly became a hit when the DYNAMIX ORIGINAL CLUB MIX caught the attention of the superstar DJs and producers Peter Rauhofer and Victor Calderone. Victor Calderone, who is well known for his work with Madonna, provides his best anthem yet with his VICTOR CALDERONE Roxy anthem Mix, which he additionally produced and remixed. PeterRauhofer adds a twist of drama to the flavor with the Peter does not want another mix. Italian songwriter and producer E.G. brings to life two soulful garage mixes filled with live instrumentation and a touch of class with his E.G. Mediterranean Vocal Mix and the E.G. Mediterranean Instrumental Remix. DYNAMICS presents TINA ANN Don't Want Another Man, with its all-star cast at the helm is destined for international success.

Rene Hewitt - The Newsletter

Track Genre: Dance
Track Length: 03:59
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