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C12 feat. Jole

Label: Kult Records

Artists Genre: Dance


Grammy nominated and award winning producer engineer Carlos Bess, pka C12, is a pioneer of the hip-hop scene. With over 15 years of experience in the music Industry, this trained producer has worked in many facets of his profession. Carlos Bess is responsible for releasing the first New York hip hop/Dance record "Fun with the Boys". In 1991 he was among the founders of the legendary recording studio "The Shack". The studio is credited for dishing out such artists as Black Moon, The Rock Steady Crew, Ultra magnetic and countless others. In 1993 he became the engineer of the Fire House Studio, one of the most successful studio in NYC for the hip hop scene. In 1994 his work on the Wu-Tang Clan's "36 Chambers" Album earned him his first AMPEX GOLDEN REEL AWARD. Along with his musical counterpart, Dj Choco. he produced numerous compilations for Generation records as well as a Break Beat album called Funky Drummer on KULT Records. The two are responsible for helping create the ground breaking Gutu's Jazzmatazz Volume 2. They also produced tracks for such talents as Shabazz the Disciple, Dee-Lite and Sony's Finley Quayne. Carlos has received 13 Platinum Records, 15 Gold Records, 7 Ampex Golder Year Awards and 3 3M Visionary Awards. In 1997 he was nominated for both the Grammy and the Brit award.Speaking of the KULT Font, CARLOS has been releasing records on Kult Records since 95" (Break Beat Albums) . In 1998 KULT released the C12 feat. Jole’s hit single “JUDY-Hooked on coke” derived from Jole's spoken poetry . This underground gem was supported by all the top jocks from Danny Tenaglia to Junior Vasquez. It was remixed by Cevin Fisher, Benji Candelario Krisco and the Montreal Men. A favored with John Didweed, who also featured the Montreal Men's remix of "Judy" on his popular Bedrock CD released in 1999 (Along to KULT's BPT "Moody") . It has also been released in Europe on XYZ who had Orinoko (Timo Maas) and Tomcfraft remixes done while Italy's Airplane Records released A.T. Mendoza's mixes. Carlos and his wife, Lisa Bess, pka Madam Majestic have also covered "Fly me to the Moon" and "Day Brake" also available on the KULT Catalogue . C12 also remixed Dynamix presents NINA EVE "Never Get Me" C12 versus Dynamix mix- Which is featured on NINA EVE's CD Single .


Jole' is the voice of C12 Judy hooked on Coke by world renown producer Carlos Bess. Yolanda's spoken word poetry and Carlos Bess Genious Beatsride together like surf and water. JOLE’: Many things in my life have inspired my writing. My education, real life stories, my personal experiences with people, and God. At a very young age in school, I discovered I very much enjoyed story books. Especially those that dealt with morals and rhymes. As I grew I learned about people who’s life made a difference and learned life is too like a story book with morals only harder and real.Creating rhymes was usually one of our assignment in school. It was probably my favorite one. I loved the challenge of my making the end of every sentence rhyme with the last. I still do. I learned rhyming was a form of poetry and remember feeling excitement over it. Eventually I began writing poems about anything and everything which had an effect on me. One way or another, directly or indirectly. During those philosophical moments, music was playing an hidden role which I soon discovered, made a great influence in my writing. When I’d stop writing to pounder the next line, or just to take a brake, my attention would be drown to the music. I listened closely to what was being sung and heard a story. Every song had one. I now had two passions. I attempted writing songs, but every time I tried to sing I was told to be quiet. Although those attempt failed, they didn’t prevent me from writing songs.I wrote mostly about the harsh reality of life. I wrote about what I saw, heard, read, or experienced. My lyrics describe oppression in society today, which has always being around but rarely spoken of; real stories of hate, drugs, and suicide. Topics people can unfortunately relate to. Overall, life has been my inspiration. If I could I’d like to reach out to those who are struggling in any of this situation and some how make a difference in their life. With so much negativity around them , it would be great to realize that a negative story or poem may inspire to make life positive.

C12 Judy went on to be one of the best remix package KULT Records ever made. When remixing a song many times you'll have a vocal that may not work for a certain audence no matter what kind of production is coupled with" . Say s KULT Records. With this song, being spoken words, every remix sounds like it could have been the orginal. With downtempo, house, progressive and drum n bass remixes, this package is a solid schooling. From the original double pack, Cevin Fisher ,Benji Candelario, Montreal men, Krisco, Tobi One, Johnatan Moore and Mark Sutteron and remxies by Orinoko (Timo Maas) Tom Craft T Mendosa and Odysey, this release is solid gold. Supported by the likes of Digweed, Tenaglia, Vasquez, Tong and many more!

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Listen to a previewC12 feat. Jole
Judy -Hooked On Coke [TIMO MAAS Line Edit] [130bpm]
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Listen to a previewC12 feat. Jole
Judy -Hooked On Coke [Dj TOMCRAFT Techno Line] [130bpm]
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Listen to a previewC12 feat. Jole
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Listen to a previewC12 feat. Jole
Judy -Hooked On Coke [DJ Krisco Bump Line] [128bpm]
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Listen to a previewC12 feat. Jole
Judy -Hooked On Coke [Jonathan Moore Drum N Scary Line] [135bpm]
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