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Blue Pie Productions

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Sahra Pop
Caitlin Alternative
Owumi Pedru AKA Oma-Pedru Eyeowumi Urban
Shockwave Pop
Astronaut 7 Pop

Contact details for Blue Pie Productions:

Blue Pie Productions
Unit 6 No 11 Dudley Street

w www.bluepie.com.au
e damien@bluepie.com.au


Blue Pie Productions is a new media company with expertise in technology and new media, to maximise returns from the new, global Internet-based digital entertainment business.

We are:
A Record Label - The Record label is called " Blue Pie " see www.bluepie.com.au
A Publishing House - The Publishing business is called " Blue Pie Publishing "
A media shop - The Media shop is called " Magic Blue Media " www.magicbluemedia.com
A creative entertainment house - The Creative House is called " Magic Blue Creative " www.magicbluecreative.com

Blue Pie the record label is the embodiment of Damien Reilly’s years of experience with the Internet and the music business. It has grown into a digital record label with a wide range of alliance-partnerships which it calls upon to create complex digital delivery systems quickly and cost effectively. The label has over 500 artists that it actively distributes.

Blue Pie's priority artists include Ooh La La, Marvel, Tommee, Dino Jag, Slimey Things, Burning the Day, Marvel, Yuya, Erik Simins, Billy Lofton, Sahra to name a few.

Blue Pie's roster of artists are gaining ever increasing worldwide recognition.

Search on " blue pie:" in Google for more information

Have a read over some of the comments on the label from the following people. Please feel free to visit the website to see more on Blue Pie www.bluepie.com.au

“Working with Damien Reilly and Stuart Tabrett from Blue Pie is like stepping into the full force of a tornado (Damien) with Stuart in the eye. At Halo we love working along side people that have energy, vision and a passion for creativity and these guys have it..... and THEY DELIVER ! "

Lisa Hauge
Halo Pictures

Hi Damien
Thanks for the slogan.
You rock!!
The Big Kahuna @ Heavenly
Susan Sparkes
The Heavenly Group of Companies Pty Ltd


To the fabulous crew at Blue Pie
Outstanding work on the promotion(s), Damien is always working for the greater good! Always professional, always ahead of time and always with a fabulous new idea! Keep up the good work and don't forget about us next year!

Shanelle Newton
Marketing/ Strathfield Online
The Strathfield Group
November 2004


To Damien and the crew at Blue Pie:
We would also like to take this opportunity to thankyou ever so much for the great work you have done for us so far - the website is fantastic, getting Trace Element on the compilation albums etc. it is inspiring to know that you believe in the cause (Trace Element) as much as we do, and your constant support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!!
Vanessa Ballard

Trace Element
November 2004


" To the supa fine Blue Pie Crew, I am really digging all the new treatments! You guys are kicking some remix ass!
I was pleasantly surprised to hear your innovative arrangements.
Special thanx to Richie and Dino for keepin the beat! "

RUSTY ANDERSON Guitarist for the Sir Paul McCartney
Rusty Anderson


You can read more of the great comments from all our clients by visiting our website at www.bluepie.com.au and click on the “ What they say about us” and What they say about our music “

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