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Black Face

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Urban

Black Face is a Blue Pie artist. Black Face is available throughout the world on Blue Pie at all leading digital retailers. Check out Blue Pie for all the latest news on Black Face !

Black Face ( Ex Planteshun Boiz - Nigeria ) is one of the hottest rising stars from Nigeria. His musical carreer started at an early age and it was through his friendship with 2FACE he formed the Plantashun Boiz. They rose to massive success and now Black Face has started out on his own solo career.

Blackface represents the new generation of Nigerian Artist(s). Having Recorded /tremendous success, his style of music has taken over the genre of music in Nigeria.

He started professional music with his friends Tu-face Idibia and both formed the popular group “Plantashun Boiz”. They latter became a trio with the inclusion of Faze. The group did 2 albums – Body and soul, N soul out, which changed the face of the Nigerian music industry.

The group won several honors/awards and nominations. They all later went solo. Blackface had to create a niche for himself and went underground for a while to find a new style, and create his type of music. Being a realist,” Ghetto Child” his first solo album was borne. His 1st single, “Hard Life” is the most celebrated dance hall sound in Nigeria. ………Which talks about the ills in the society and how much it affects the people.

Blackface’s music is motivational and inspirational. His music is a fusion of hip-hop, dance hall, R&B and Afro. His vocals command his music. On stage, Blackman and his crew (TRYBUNAL) are a delight to watch. Every track in the album “Ghetto child” is popular with the people and their response has always been that of an ovation for Blackface and his crew.

Blackface as an Artist has other qualities that stand him out. He is highly educated. He is an instrumentalist and also a songwriter. He wrote all the tracks in “Body N soul” and “Sold out” for the Old Plantashun Boiz. Also, he had written a lot of hits for artist(s) in Nigeria, some of which include weird Mc, Tony tetuila, Blacktribe and Tu-face Idibia’s African Queen” which won him the MTV award (Best Male Artist in Africa).

His next album “Evergreen” is currently ready and had been placed for international on-line digital marketing through the Partnership of MGN Productions/BluePie/PerfectPicth.

Blackface, through his music wants to be put amongst the greats like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Emperor Salasie and lots of black revolutionaries.

BY now, it’s almost no longer news that 2Face was born into a humble family. “I’m from a poor background, poor in the sense of money, but not in spirit,” he told a Nigerian Magazine last year. Growing up around several cities (including Jos, Makurdi and Enugu) while his father, Michael Idibia, worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Idibia learnt to be content with the family’s humble life. All through, his mother was a teacher (who’s now with Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja). Then as if driven by a strange force, he abandoned his studies at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu to face music full time. While in secondary school, he had formed his first group, Black Universe (in 1992 with three other guys). Bad Manners was later to replace Black Universe while he was in Jos for a one-year remedial (1994).

But leaving Enugu after his OND, he formed the Plantashun Boiz, along with his long-time school mate Blackface whom he had been performing with since 1995.

Back then, 2Face was known as L.A while Blackface was called Pirate. They soon found their way to Lagos where they discovered music business was not as easy as they thought. “We were just like average young guys trying to make things happen. But so many things were holding us down. Financial problems, economical problems and so many things peculiar to this country. It was just like we were in mental chains, slaves to all these forces,” 2Face said in a recent interview.

Obviously, not being known was an obstacle for 2Face and Blackface. But, determined to make their mark, they stuck to the game, managing to get minor mentions in Hip Hop World and Fame Weekly. They also performed the montage for Cally Ikpe’s Live Beats. Despite difficulties with a permanent abode, finances and getting airplay, the Plantashun Boiz found their way into mainstream circles. Their talent opened doors for them, and won them the love of the likes of Dorcas Awuru, Edi Lawani, Willie Workman, Nelson Brown, Cally Ikpe and Charly Boy.

Today, after enjoying wide debut success with the Plantashun Boiz (which later included Faze), Idibia, who opted out of the group in 2004, can look back and sing songs of praise.

Black Face and 2 Face remain good friends and often talk today.

Marijuana reconciled me and my wife – Blackface
Friday, December 9, 2005
Popular singer of the defunct Plantashion Boiz, Black face, Augustine Ahmedu has revealed the secret of his success, saying it is Marijuana (Indian Hemp) popularly known as Igbo or Weeds in Nigeria.

Relating his experiences about the singers and what led to their separation, the Ragga soloist told Daily Sun recently in Surulere that each member of the group needed to attend to his individual music career which was becoming a priority over other sundry issues.

After the separation of the Plantashion Boiz, Ahmedu has been able to prove his worth despite rumours that he was a mere Boy in the group that made waves in the wake of the twenty-first century in Nigeria.

With his debut album Ghetto Child, which addresses societal issues, Black Face reveals his peculiar style of music and how fatherhood has enriched his performance in the music industry.

I hail from Agatu local government area of Benue State. I am a songwriter, composer, arranger and performer. I did my primary and secondary education in Benue State, before going. For now, I am into music fully and I do not intend going back to school for now.

The major challenges I face are the societal ills. Our streets have no electricity while police continue to harrass people on the streets. And for me, producing my album The Ghetto Child was a serous challenge and I am happy that I finished it and a lot of people commended me. I face many challenges on a daily basis and it’s my dream to work and make Nigeria a better place for every one to live in.

Nelson Brown and Plantazion Boiz
He was not the one that discovered the Plantazion Boiz and his Dove Entertainment did not live up to expectation and that was why the Plantazion Boiz left him. A lot of other artistes too have left him such as Sound Sultan, Azadus and the rest. But aside that, our property (intellectual property) is still with him and we are making efforts on how to retrieve them. Nelson Brown was owing us royalties, he was not living up to expectation and in fact, he was one of the major reasons why we separated. If he had lived up to expectation, there was no way Kenni’s music would have been able to get 2face on their record label.

Plantazion Boiz coming back?
No, I do not see the us coming together as a group for now. Everyone is busy on his career, so the possibility of the group coming together again is very remote.

Future plan
I am setting up my company called Loud House Entertainment. Under this entertainment company, we shall have loud house record and my album is coming out under this record label.

Next album
My next album is to have 12 tracks and it is called Evergreen. It is an improvement of Black face after The Ghetto Child. After Ghetto Child, people now know that I have a big step up. I am also working on my friend’s albums too. So, I am working on a lot of projects right now. As the CEO of Loud House Entertainment, I have a lot of work on my table. I am also working on a record deal.

Nigerian music industry
It is growing because the musicians are trying to write good songs and sing good music. The government is not doing anything about our music: no royalty is being paid us by TV and Radio stations and none from anywhere. This means the industry is not developing all, except that the artistes themselves are trying to improve and compete with other musicians outside the country.

How did you meet your wife?
Though we are not married yet, I met her at a gathering and after that, we had our ups and downs and after that, we realised we still needed each other.

Who made first move?
I cannot really say who made the first move, everything just happened the way it happened.

First kiss
Of course it was in my place that we had our first kiss.

Being a father
It is cool to be a father and right now, I am missing my kid. Her name is Caroline Ihantu Boluwatife Ahmedu.I have always been responsible but being a father has made me more conscious of myself, It has equally made me more serious about my views on the government and the need to change the society for good.

Indian hemp
What is wrong with Indian hemp? I prefer to call it Marijuana. I smoke it because it keeps me inspired and keeps me focused. Marijuana made me and my woman to reconcile. If something is wrong with it, why do they legalise it in other countries, even physicians take it.
Although I smoke Marijuana but I have never hit my wife neither have I told my senior that he is crazy. Also I have never for once said anything stupid whenever I smoke. It makes me feel good and inspires me to write a lot and to be myself. As I address you now, I am cool. As long as I am not disturbing anyone with it, then there should not be any problem about it. I like smoking it and it is a part of me.

Message to fans
They should be positive and stay away from crazy cocaine. Then education is important and I want them to rise and fight for what is theirs. They should fight for a better Nigeria.

Role models
My role models are Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Ziza Kolonji and Bobby Brown.

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