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Black Bag Job

Artists Genre: Indie

Now we all know that the C.I.A. would never do this (wink, wink) but when they do an illegal operation they call it a "black bag job." It is that type of activity that has inspired our band name. Black Bag Job was formed in July of 2003. We stayed deep under cover in an old barn while we worked on our cutting edge material. Our game plan, to feverishly write new songs and present them to the listening public with one massive storm of hard, in your face rock and roll. After six intense months, we decided we had enough material to start our new venture and present our music to you. One of the first persons that had the opportunity to listen to our band said we sounded like a cross between "Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains." That to us, was a compliment and thus that is the description of our music that we are offering to you. Our next problem was to figure out how to receive press coverage. It was imperative to us to get our name out to the public. In order to do so we came up with a black bag job of our own, burn down our headquarters. On Jan. 20, 2004 our five alarm fire was covered by three local news channels, on the morning and evening news. Thousands of people heard our name and we were instantly thrown into the spotlight. Our next problem was to figure out how to replace all of the band equipment lost in the fire. Ok, maybe we are not as smart as the C.I.A. but there is no way that they can "rock" like we can. Two months later we have enough equipment to perform and are presenting ourselves to you for your consideration. The barn fire may be out, (actually caused by an electrical short) but we are as "hot" as ever!

Top tracks from this artist:
Listen to a previewBlack Bag Job
Day In The Park
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Listen to a previewBlack Bag Job
Dawn's Rising
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Listen to a previewBlack Bag Job
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