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All Pop Rock Urban Dance Disco Alternative Indie Soul Hispanic Country Heavy Metal Jazz Acoustic Other

Vanessa Marie  (Dance)

Vanessa Marie got her start in music at an early age in San Francisco California writing songs for various artists & record labels. Meanwhile establishing her vocal talents. Her written compositions have been published u...  more
Vemanis  (Dance)

Matt Vemanis burst onto the public stage via various bands throughout and beyond high school, since then he has recorded and performed over 100 live shows spanning the breadth of the country. From Cairns to Hobart, Adela...  more
Victor Sanchez  (Dance)

Victor Sanchez also aka Kronik Swing and Kronik Trilogy on KULT Records is a well known underground producer from New York City. We do not have a biography on file for Victor Sanchez but should you have a biography you...  more
Viktor and Djanan  (Acoustic)

The music of Turkey, Greece and Macedonia is transformed into a nice acoustic set of landscapes, harmonies, rhythms and melodies that mesmerise your hearing senses. These two London-based musicians have refined ears to p...  more
vincent  (Other)

VINCENT (b. 1967, London) has worked as a composer, producer, performer (drums, piano, electronics) and dj with LTJ Bukem's COOKIN' RECORDS, the NEW VINCENT TRIO (Joe Pettitt, Jimmy Norden), the electroacoustic trio ST...  more
Vivid Release  (Rock)

Vivid Release are: Lisa Avon-Vocals Emma Davis-Lead Guitar Amber Peacock-Bass Emily Brookes-Guitar Alice Boorman-Drums They started off as an after school club band at Weald of Kent School in Tonbridge. Thei...  more
Voicebox  (Acoustic)

We listen to a lot of Kurdt Cobain, Soup Dragons, Beck, and Stereo MC's but we only know how to play the acoustic guitar. Who knows what our next record would sound like?  more

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