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P Squared  (Urban)

P Square is an MGN Productions, ADROT, Blue Pie and Perfect Pitch artist. P Square is availabe on Blue Pie throughout the world at all leading digital retailers. The amazing story of P-square begins in a small cathol...  more
P-Dub Mancini  (Urban)

P-Dub Mancini was born Ylomo Williams in the war zone called Monrovia, Liberia (L.I.B). Due to the 14-year-old civil war in Liberia his 18-month-old brother and father were murdered in a massacre. Soon after, he and hi...  more
pacific  (Alternative)

pacific formed 2003 in manchester, England by Darren Scott (vocals) and Paul Eastwood (guitar.) Discovering a shared love of classic guitar bands, great songs and women, they began playing acoustic shows around the North...  more
Paul Needs  (Rock)

Paul Needs releases "Hot & Cool" swing CD Following his recent performance at Swansea Grand Theatre, Paul has released an album of Hot and Cool swing jazz songs entitled, aptly enough, “Hot & Cool” (PNM Recordings Cat...  more
Paul Winn Band  (Pop)

“It’s refreshing to hear that what I believe to be the most important element in popular music – i.e. melody – never gives way to fancy production, self-indulgent arrangements or muso’s showing off. This album simply de...  more
Phat Tater  (Alternative)

Phat Tater Heavy Alternative music with catchy chorus' and memorable hooks.  more
Phillip Johnson  (Other)

my guitar work is for the more intellectual listener my drum and bass is for when people dont want to think thats what i think anyway  more
Pitfall  (Heavy Metal)

Welcome to pitfalls home page. it alows you to learn more about pitfall and there personial details. Pitfall IS OPEN FOR MANAGEMENT.  more
Plastica  (Alternative)

Plastica are a four piece band from Perm, Russia The band members are: IIya Naumov-Keyboards & Guitar Kostya Putyakov-Guitar Mike Titov-Bass Tanya Tatyana-Drums The band has recently relocated to London, Plas...  more
Prince Shaddy  (Other)

Country of origin is Nigeria but left home during his tender age. Since then has been setling in Madrid, Spain. A musician from birth and a TV movie Star, River state TV 1990-1993. Since the age of 9 has been in and out ...  more
Princess Julia  (Dance)

Across the pond Princess Julia is resident at London's Friday night at the Garage - Heaven and Manchester's Holy City Zoo fortnightly on Saturdays, as well as guesting regularly...  more
Public Symphony  (Alternative)

"World-class debut album…we can’t recommend this fine new group enough” - MusicChoice ”Nominated for Album Of The Year and Group Of The Year” - Unsigned music mag “Mellow tunes and slick cuts reminded me of such g...  more

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