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Igor OGOGO  (Jazz)

from III Records: Throughout his musical journey, Igor's output has proven adventures and contradictional, both a natural product of Russia and a planetary act. His work output is a living complex of modern tend...  more
Ijkl  (Soul)

my name is Ijeoma Kalu i am from Abia State i Love show biz and my song is soon to be realeased i am looking for a record label with any recording company. i am a graduate of Idahosa University studied Computer Science. ...  more
impossible songs  (Rock)

Impossible Songs are is and is are Alison Hutton & John Barclay. Ali and John live in the very likely haunted (no sightings yet, just lots of wild life) "Inchgarvie House" looking out on a river full of boats and the ...  more
ioHann  (Urban)

Genre fusionist rapper dabbles with power guitar riffs, bubbly synths, and new school thymes.  more
Ira Schulman  (Jazz)

Ira Schulman, originally from Chicago, is a musician specializing in wind and percussion instruments. During 50’s, he recorded with Bill Russo’s Experiment in Jazz Band and played various jazz clubs including Blue Note...  more
Ivana Marija Vidovich  (Other)

Ivana Marija Vidovich Ivana Marija Vidovic was born in Dubrovnik. At the age of four she started her piano studies at the Music Conservatory in Dubrovnik. Her first teacher was L. Cobenzl who was later succeeded by Ve...  more

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