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affable records

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
LiL F.E.J Urban
LiL AJ Urban
Choppee Urban
E-boy Urban
Plugged In Kidz Urban

Contact details for affable records:

affable records
Affable Records
4983 Scarlett Way
San Jose
United States

w www.affablerecords.com
e info@affablerecords.com

Affable records is an independent record company founded by Felix James, the son of Joshua James. It all started as a production company as a way to help produce and manage music for upcoming artists. Founded in 2003, the label is already hitting very big spots in the music industry, their artist placement on the Gospel billboard charts. From their top selling artist 'Lil' FEJ" to E-boy who is now bringing a new feel to the street rap industry, affable is growing so fast that its hard to tell if they are a major or independent label. Affable records is distributed by The Orchrad, one of the leading didtributors of the independent world. They also have other artists like Choppee who is a genius in the rap game and The Plugged In Kidz who released their single a year ago. Affable is no stranger when it comes to the hip hop or R&B world. They have one of the best producers in the hip hop game, like wyhsmaster who produced tracks of the NBA BALLER game (out for PS2 and Xbox), and also will be producing Lil' FEJ's upcoming album Spiritual Speaking, and the underrated production. Affable has gone as far as selling 80,000 unit within two years period, making them the best selling independent gospel label of 2004.Their first datebut Deliveryman by Lil FEJ in 2003, sold over 65, 000 units on the road and in retail stores. Second was Lil FEJ The Mix Tape which sold about 5, 000 units. Third was thePlugged In Single which sold over 2, 000 units and last but not least , Lil AJ re-release of the Plugged In Soundtrack that so about 1,000 units. With all these great independent artists, affable is still looking for more artists that thing they have what it takes to be an underground king.

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