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Aerial Spans Earth

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Acoustic

Aerial Spans Earth was formed in 1998 by Dan Caganoff. The bands influences at this time are Bjork, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd and Tool. Dan bought a computer, borrowed a synth, bought some software and soon the music flows.

He decided to place an add in Drum Media and recruits Ciara McKeown (Vox) into the band. From 1999 the band works with Ciara on a bunch of tunes. They are
happily surprised by the quality of the work, though the production leaves something to be desired. The time with Ciara was short lived due to artistic differences.

In 2000 Dan decides to send a CD with the song "Mr Kessler" to JJJ unearthed Sydney. Settles on aerials.spans.earth as band name when submitting Mr Kessler to JJJ. In July, Dan gets call from JJJ informing him that he is one of 3 bands to win unearthed Sydney. JJJ informs Dan that there is a gig at the Horden Pavilion in 4 weeks. Rob Taylor (Engineer/Producer) re-records, mixes and produces Mr Kessler for JJJ. Dan’s introduction to “big production” is thrilling. Re-unites with Ciara. Mr Kessler on high rotation at the J’s throughout late July/August.

In August the band plays the Horden Pavilion gig for JJJ Unearthed. Dan manages to get the band together from an assortment of friends and acquaintances. The line-up at Horden gig: Gawaine Newton (Vox), Ciara McKeown (Vox), Nick Gibbs (Vox), Cameron Bruce (Keys), Bruce Braybrooke (Drums), Mat Doherty (Bass), Dan Caganoff (Guitar) and 2 percussionists, a dude called Carlos and his Cuban friend...

In September another ground breaking gig happens at Belmore Park for the 2000 Olympic games and JJJ. Best gig ever! Band Line-up: Ciara McKeown (Vox), Mat Doherty (Bass), Nick Gibbs (Vox/Percussion), Enzo Santoro (Percussion), Dan Caganoff, (Keyboard/Samplers).

Aerial Spans Earth are growing and moving ahead. The band has now released the EP "Freaky Full Reactions", a compilation of the best songs produced with Ciara and Mat from 1999 to 2002.

Stay tuned for the new full length album version ....... and the story begins.

The music is eclectic and at times industrial ... but unique and hypnotic. We hope that you will continue to follow Aerial Spans Earth .... as we grow.

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Freaky Full Reactions
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Crimson Heads
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They're Playing Our Song
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Evil Empire Marches On
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