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Aardvark Records Ltd

Sample of artists signed to this label:
Artist Name: Genre:
Satya Graha Rock
Zetan Spore Dance
Everett Young Pop
Darrell Delk Country
Chris Hale Dance

Contact details for Aardvark Records Ltd:

Aardvark Records Ltd

75 Alderwood Parc
United Kingdom

w www.aardvarkrecords.co.uk
e promotion@aardvarkrecords.co.uk

Aardvark Records Ltd is one of the rising stars of the UK music industry. We are a staunchly independent record label with a growing roster of original, new talent covering a variety of music genres: Indie rock, Americana, Alt Country, Commercial Dance, Hard Dance, Adult Contemporary and Pop music.

While we are never ones to make a song and dance about it, our roster of acts currently enjoy sales and radio play around the globe. They also enjoy the respect and praise of hardened music journalists and industry insiders.

Like our roster, Aardvark is fresh and filled with passion about what we do. We take the road less traveled and never settle for the status quo.

Aardvark’s directors bring over 30 years’ combined music industry experience to the group. This experience covers music & studio production, artiste management, music sales and A&R (Artist and Repertoire).

Aardvark combines a return to a more effective old style A&R in working with its artists while embracing the evolution of the music buying market. The label employs the old school of A&R; a return to basics. The bottom line for Aardvark’s directors is their knowledge and love of exceptional music – their own love for it and the general public’s. This love of music structures how Aardvark promotes and markets music; and it shapes the communications Aardvark and its artists have with the music buying public.

The primary core activity is the sale of artists’ music to the public. The group’s secondary core activity is the generation of sales revenue through B2B licensing of artists’ music (i.e. the licensing of music to advertising companies, film & television production companies, wireless PDA devices, mobile telephone ringtones, etc). The group’s entrepreneurial drive is the foundation for this core activity. It enables Aardvark to identify, develop and pursue traditional and new avenues to achieve these core activities.

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