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95 North

Label: Kult Records

Artists Genre: Dance

95 NORTH PRODUCTIONS (Richard Payton & Doug Smith

A unique musical endeavor founded by two individuals determined to produce the finest dance music to be found. Richard Payton and Doug Smith met as members of a local rap group named Trigon. Although the group met with limited success, they decided to break up during the summer of 1991. Richard and Doug began pursuing other musical interests. Their love of house music led to a collaboration which resulted in the initial demo of a song called 'Shattered Love'. After evaluating offers from a number of record companies for the song, the duo decided to go with Strictly Rhythm Records. While searching for the right vocalist for 'Shattered Love', the duo submitted instrumental tracks which were subsequently released on Strictly Rhythm to positive acclaim. As their success increased, early in 1993, Richard and Doug decided to form 95 North Productions, Inc. (The name 95 North is taken from the interstate highway that connects Doug, Richard, and New York City. This is the road they constantly traveled earlier in their careers trying to get established.) Based out of Washington, DC, the aim of the production company is to involve itself in songwriting, production, and remix projects. Among the projects that have been released so far are "What I Need" by Crystal Waters (#1 Billboard Dance Chart), Hold On" by 95 North featuring Sabrynaah Pope (#30 Billboard Dance Chart, Billboard HotShot Debut), "My Life" by 95 North featuring Sabrynaah Pope (#29 Billboard Dance Chart), and "The Winding Song" (#2 Billboard Dance Chart) of which they did vocal and dub mixes. 95 North has also established themselves as a DJ team. Doug spins the records while Richard adds live overdubs of organ solos, flutes, percussion, sound effects and whatever else comes to mind. In essence, they create live remixes during their sets. They have played in Baltimore, Canada, England, Switzerland and Italy. They are currently playing every two weeks at Red in Washington, DC. With over fifty projects released so far or set for release, 95 North is aiming to become a force in the music industry. Eventually

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