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3rd Unit

Label: Blue Pie Productions

Artists Genre: Pop

Tewe Henare
There has been an enormous amount of music that has come to influence Tewe and 3rd Unit. His writing is about personal experiences. These are usually bad experiences that can have a positive message threaded into the story. Music ideas float from images… images that are simplistic using light, space, shade, colour, soft, hard, light & dark.

Musically it’s the same thing. Tewe loves songs that are pure and raw. The best songs he says are the simple ones with not more than 3 chords, a simple melody and a simple arrangement.

Tewe began playing music at an early age in a very musical family. He played gospel music as a drummer from the age of 10. His career as a drummer put him on stage around the world with some of the best songwriters and musicians in the world today. It’s been a fantastic journey for him and because of this it was only natural for him to progress into writing and performing his own songs.

Tewe writes songs when he is in pain or when his life seems distorted from the truth .... or when confused and misunderstood. The work is often introspective and of feelings for those who have affected him. The majority of his songs are testaments to the memory of the experiences that he has to capture that moment of time in a song. Music provides the freedom to express how he feels … to quote Tewe

" When I write I hope it’s honest… I hope it’s raw… I hope it’s pure… I hope it’s not complicated… I hope it’s a song with a positive message "

Listen and remember and allow the music to take you away. Listen and enjoy the sounds of life from Tewe. You can find out more on Tewe at the 3rd Unit website


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